ASP.NET Project with Source code And Documentations
Sr no. Project Name  Link
1 Leave Management System Project Documentation and Asp.Net Source Code For Free
2 Online Customer Service System Project Source Code in Asp.Net and Project Report
3 E-Tendering Project Asp.Net with Source Code and Documentation
4 Payroll Management System ASP.Net Project with Documentation and Source Code
5 E-Post Office Project Source Code In Asp.Net And Documentation And Project Report
6 E-Greetings Project In Asp.Net Source Code
7 Online Ticket Booking System Project Asp.Net Source Code and Project Report
8 Online Tax Management Asp.Net Project Source Code And Project Report
9 Online Gift Shopping System Project Source Code in Asp.Net with Project Report


This is a C++ mini Project. It has been coded to help bank employee .
Details       Downloads
its simple bank application for you
Details       Downloads
Details       Downloads
This is a Airline Project.
Details       Downloads
This project has been coded in VB6. It uses crystal report and has been created for bank staff to maintain their customers data.
Details       Downloads
This is a mini project related with ATM machine . This project help u to know how the ATM machine work.
Details       Downloads
This project has been coded into VB.It helps bank employees to maintain details of bank accounts and bank account holders.It also provides a user interface for automated withdraw and deposit in the bank accounts.
Details       Downloads
This is Bill Project.
Details       Downloads

E-Registration Project in ASP.NET

Download Property  E-Registration Project in ASP.NET

Property  E-Registration Project developed in Nicely Developed and Designed Client and Admin Section.Ready to Submit as Final Semester Project.

Hardware Requirement :-

1)           Processor :- Dual Core or above.
2)           RAM :- 128 MB or above.
3)           Hard Disk :- 80 GB or above.
4)           Monitor :- 17” CRT or above.
5)           Mouse :- Optical.
6)           CD-ROM.
7)           Internet Connection.

Software Requirement :-

1)               Operating system :- Windows XP.
2)               Front end :- Microsoft visual studio 2008.
3)               Back end :- Microsoft SQL server 2005.

Project Contents :

  • Source Code
  • Executable File

Download :

Online Voting System Project in ASP.NET with Report :

The Project ” Online Voting System ” aims at making the voting process very simple in cooperative societies. The Advantage of the project over the ballot paper voting is that the counting is done manually which takes alot of time and also possibility of invalid votes. All these makes election a tedious task. In our proposed system voting and counting is done with the help of computer. we use ASP.NET to achieve our goal.
Project contains following Things :
1. Project Source Code
2. All Required DFD’s
3. Project Report in PDF/Doc
4. Executable Code
Download Project : 

Click Here : Download


Multiplex Ticket Booking System in ASP.NET

ticket booking

Minimum Requirements:

Processor                     :           Pentium II class, 450MHz
RAM                               :           128MB
Hard Disk Drive         :           3GB
Video                             :           800X600, 256 colors
CD-ROM                        :           Required


Operating System       :           Windows XP
Front- End                  :           C#. NET with ASP. NET
Back- End                   :           MS SQL SERVER 2005 EXPRESS

Project will be done in ASP. NET with C# 2.0 as front end and SQL Server 2005 as back end. Microsoft .NET is software that connects information, people, systems and devices.

Project Contents :

  • Project Report
  • SRS
  • DFD
  • PPT
  • Source Code
  • Source Code

Download :

Download As Zip File
Password : CTprojects

Job Portal Project in ASP.NET with C# Download



  • There is no any online Payment gateway provided in this portal. So, any company which would register would not be able to pay online. Payment would be done by check/case.
  • There are no banners for advertisement on the site.
  • This system can run only on Windows platform.
  • Supported only in My SQL database.
  • No security of data.
  • No N-level category.
  • Supportive language is only English.

Hardware and software Requirements

Minimal Hardware Requirements:

  • Intel Pentium 4.1GHz processor
  • 512MB SDRAM
  • 5GB Hard disk space
  • Internet Connection
  • Key Board
  • Mouse

Minimal Software Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Server 2003
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft .Net Framework v3.5
  • SQL server 2005
  • Microsoft Office 2007
  • IIS

Project Contents :

  • Project Report
  • SRS
  • DFD
  • PPT
  • Source Code
  • Source Code

 Download Project As Zip File
 Password : CTprojects

Download SMS Application Project in ASP.NET

SMS Application Project in ASP.NET is a web application which able to send SMS through Internet.

Hardware Requirement :

1)           Processor :- Dual Core or above.
2)           RAM :- 128 MB or above.
3)           Hard Disk :- 80 GB or above.
4)           Monitor :- 17” CRT or above.
5)           Mouse :- Optical.
6)           CD-ROM.
7)           Internet Connection.

Software Requirement :

1)               Operating system :- Windows XP.
2)               Front end :- Microsoft visual studio 2008.
3)               Back end :- Microsoft SQL server 2005.

Project Contents :

  1. Source Code
  2. Executable File
  3. Project Report
  4. PPT

:: . . Download This Project . . ::

 Password : CTprojects

Latest List of ASP .NET projects for Computer science Students
Latest list Asp .NET projects (Dot Net)
1. Online Shopping website
2. School Management Software
3. N.G.O. Website
4. E-Commerce Website
5. Coaching Management Software
6. Inventory System
7. Medical Store Manager
8. Payroll System
9. Tours & Travels Website
10. Book Publication company Software
11. Online Music download Store
12. computer Store Management System
13. Job Portal
14. Library Management system
15. Online banking
16. Product Distributor Software
17. College Website
18. Dispensary Management System
19. Attendance Management System
20. Courier Management Service
21. E-Bazaar
22. Student Management System
Projects Name
Ready made online customized ASP/ASP.NET Shopping Cart for manage any inventory, Online Shopping Cart Solution with Ecommerce Shopping Cart for any part of India.
o    shop online @
Discount Prices on all Products + Get free home delivery from software
o    project jugaad ecommerce solutionn
Complete e-Commerce Solution Enabling Global Coverage.
o    buy clothes online store in .net
Exclusive Range of Branded Clothes with Offers Script.
.Net CRM in C# gives the most excellent modules for the best of sales section, advertising practice and client service fulfillment with best lead for any business.
o    service crm software in c#
Web based Customer Call, Warranty, AMC, Order, Spare Parts Management
o    ms dynamics crm online
Access News, Analysis, & Articles About the New Dynamics CRM Online
o    online crm in c#
Find online CRM at C# 15,000+ Brands. 500+ Sellers handling with easy Database
Hospital system is Enterprise Resource Planning system made in C#, which supports a teamwork and data supervision tool for any sized hospitals. As its run in ERP so you can access from any branch.
o    healthcare staffing management
Staffing agencies increase revenue with API Healthcare's Software
o    healthcare issues online forum
Discussing Global Social Issues & Financing Change. Learn More Today!
o    hospital management software
Cloud based, Cheap Solution
Inventory Management system gives the best info about the professionally control the flow of resources, successfully make use of people and tools.
o    inventory software
Solutions for all business needs. Solution To Manage Your Inventory
o    online inventory system
Find The Best Results For Online Inventory System. Find It!
o    digital asset mgmt
Automate storage and content retrieval. Boost content ROI.
Right to use this project there is an approval procedure. Admin login will direct redirect to the Admin Page and if you are a straightforward user you will be redirect to your bank Account Page where you can access your deposit and withdraw amount.
o    mobile banking software
Open Source online and mobile
o    online banking in .net
Analyze Customer Data & Predict.
o    free inventory manager
Stock control for Small Business Get Your Inventory Report Online!
Company Dynamic WebSite in
Dynamic Webiste in with SQL backhand with jquery fast loading all browser friendly with latest .net frameworks.
o    dynamic business website
Domain,10 Email 7GB each, Dynamic
o    start e-commerce store
Free Sign-up, No Recurring Cost Technology, Traffic, Payment, Delivery
o    dynamic ecommerce website
Get a Ecommerce Website Today! No Setup & Try Demo
Integrating UserControls in Layouts in SilverLight
At the time of making an application can take several decisions to organize the different screens and options they have. One of these, the most basic is to have a series of N canvas
o    html5+css+jquery
Build HTML5 websites Build mobile applications
o    charts for adobe flex
Interactive, animated & data-driven Over 55 chart types supported.
Create a contact form with ASP.NET
We do not have your own server email so we will use a third party, the Gmail and also try to call that evil brew no spam in our inbox making it necessary to enter a captcha to send email .
o    free jobs form online
Form for any website with all data capture
o    online admission form
For any school online form creation in .net
Following the workshop ADO, now let's apply the power of one of the most important tools for version 2.0. NET Framework
o    net framework as an alternative is the dataset
apply SQL commands on the database. The option proposed by Microsoft since. NET Framework as an alternative is the DataSet, which gives us the following:
o    dataset is composed of a collection of datatable
the DataSet is composed of a collection of DataTable, consisting of rows and columns of data along with information specific to the table (ID, name, primary keys, foreign keys, etc.
Global Variables in ASP.NET site
Developing an ASP.NET website for a college course and this afternoon I found I need to have some data available in any of the pages comprising the website
o    in the web.config
First by adding a key area in the Web.config appSettings
o    in the global.asax
Another way I've seen is using the Global.asax file.
Project planned to arrangement of online for every student data personal and academic reports, school or college info, lessons program of study, class details and all other information as necessary.
o    college faculty management
Get Pricing & Contact Us Today. Track & Report Faculty Activity.
o    college management system in .net
World Class, Fully Loaded Features Best, Cheap Affordable ERP Software
12 online discussion forum for research and education
Project is for online discussion in Students on website or portal to share their questions and answers for any research and technical education.
o    free forums online
Create Online Fourms with full Admin Control
o    online students forums
Discuss your Project with Other Free of Cost Just Register

List of ASP.Net projects:

Here we are providing list of 1000 projects in ASP.Net projects whith code and documentation Asp.Net frame work is used for developing web sites, web application related projects.. These applications are developed in different .Net languages.

Download ASP.Net project from links below:

download more ASP.Net projects for free of cost.

General .NET Projects

Post Project and earn revenue.      Show By Status: New Submissions   Pending   Deleted   Approved    

Posted By
Posted Date
23 Dec 2011
An example of ListView project that will help u a lot.
04 Dec 2011
online web application for sending message to mobile 
04 Dec 2011
online examination for students of any institute
09 Nov 2011
This project will demonstrate how to make project on 3 tier architecture by using BOclass(Business object ),DALclass(DATA ACCESS LAYER),BAL(BUSINESS ACCESS LAYER) 
06 Sep 2011
Simple Admission Form developed in .
06 Sep 2011
This web application deals with increment in counter w.r.t time interval of 10 seconds.
14 Mar 2011
E-commerce is one of the largest driving forces behind the Internet. Even in the Internet’s earliest days, many sites featured a shop where you could order products and have them shipped to your home. With the advent of server-side techniques, such as ASP and ASP.NET, it has been much easier and cheaper for smaller sites to offer their products and services online. Despite the large diversity in the goods these sites offer, they all have one thing in common. To allow customers to select the products th
19 Jan 2011
Online Results
12 Jan 2011
educational applications
04 Jun 2010
WebCam VideoCapture VB.Net Windows Application to capture your video on WebCam.
02 Jun 2010
The PIS system stores patient records in a database
23 May 2010
Book Shopping purpose. This project is used for management the book store or other shop. Creation time (2-3) months. 2010 Developed By Rahul Vaja and Kaushik Solanki.
18 May 2010
For Beginners this is good to learn how to save, maintain and retrieve information from database. Also to learn ‘how to work with datagridview and how can we validate it’, this is useful project. 
08 May 2010
This project is created using MVC Design Pattern. pages are rendered using Microsoft navigation graph. Hope this will help you to learn MVC pattern in .Net 2.o
29 Apr 2010
This project helps to communicate the skype service. You can access all the skype functionality through the skype api. 
14 Apr 2010
Actually i got lots of request for the Online test thats y i have developed it for those user. Online Examination is an Web Application developed in C#, ASP.NET3.5 with SQL SERVER2005. 
25 Mar 2010
Windows based Client-Server Software
22 Mar 2010
Video Game
19 Mar 2010
This is simple web browser developed in c#.
19 Mar 2010
This is the simple Notepad application Developed in c#. 
15 Mar 2010
It allows user to migrte documents of exchange server public folder to Share Point List libraries
14 Mar 2010
A Simple Window Application to compress or decompress File.
13 Mar 2010
I developed this useful application by using free web-service.
11 Mar 2010
ASP.NET Web Parts controls are an integrated set of controls for creating Web sites that enable end users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of Web pages directly in a browser. The topics in this section provide information on what Web Parts are, how they work, and how to use them to create user-customizable ASP.NET Web pages.
11 Mar 2010
To click same color ball. 
09 Mar 2010
Atm card processing
27 Feb 2010
You Are Able To Store Your Employee Salary Details
27 Feb 2010
Developed in Get city,country, citycode from ip address Please refer the attached code for more clarification 
22 Feb 2010
it is a project using site map node in navigation controls.
15 Feb 2010
The idea is that if the user enters one or more characters In the Textbox will search its list of suggestions and picks up the correction one from list.
12 Feb 2010
Mail Sending Application.
12 Feb 2010
This software is designed in 
12 Feb 2010
It's is a simple web browser based on internet explorer.
03 Feb 2010
This application help you to get basic idea about form authentication
03 Feb 2010
This is a sample browser application.
25 Jan 2010
Set Pretty Digital Clock on your Desktop or on any other application.
24 Jan 2010
This is a 3 Tier Architecture Project in ASP.NET 
21 Jan 2010
The project is a windows based application which enables the user to interact with the data base. Any sql statements (select, insert, delete, update), DML statements can be executed. The project enables u to store your sql statements and also to load them as per your requirement. 
21 Jan 2010
This Sample Project Contains How we can Send SMS on single or Many Mobile No's through Web application by using Service Provider It also Contains Database Backup file. This Website is in VS2005 with Sqlserver 2005 as Back End 
18 Jan 2010
to apply a skin to all the Pages in one web application
13 Jan 2010
This Project displays the softwares that are installed in the system. In order to find the Unauthorized Software in the system, we have to track the software installed in the system. Using Registry Key, we can find the software installed in the system. 
03 Jan 2010
For Diploma student a Project on "MP3 PLAYER"
02 Jan 2010
This project is all about getting all Hardaware Information Programatically.
31 Dec 2009
It is general Book Store Project
30 Dec 2009
This project contains the entry module with all functionality of EDIT,DELETE,ADD and also contains Navigation functions. The interesting part of this application and objective behind publishing this project in public is its back-end. Here I have used SQLite DATABASE as a back-end. This entry module is only to learn how to use SQLite Database as back-end. if you have any question or concerns about this project please send me your query.
28 Dec 2009
This captcha project is very easy to implement and user friendly.
24 Dec 2009
To get twitter quotes from twitter 
24 Dec 2009
Basically this projects Track the student in any Institution like coaching center . So basically its store all the information and giving the out put . please find the attachment
23 Dec 2009
The Banking Project is a windows based application to perform bank transactions. The project includes creating an account,debiting & crediting account,sanctioning loans,transfering amount from one account to another,checking the balance
19 Dec 2009
To send a SMS from PC to Mobile using Mobile(GSM) or GSM Modem


Travel Management System

Travel Management System
The Travel Management System is a software application developed using Language. This project is using to book Air ticket, Flight ticket and Bus tickets. It contains Travel module, Payment module, Traveler and Employee module, Accounting and Report module. This is simple project coding and very easy to use. SQL Server is used as backend of this software.

Chennemane Gaming Software

Chennemane is a traditional folk game. It is played on a wooden board with two parallel rows of pits. Nowadays all the games are computerized but Chennemane is left out. So we are implementing this in computer to spread over the world.
chenne mane

Send and Receive SMS in .NET using GSM modem

This source code is for Send and Receive SMS in .NET using GSM modem. You can use this SMS Application program to send SMS from your PC using GSM modem connected to your computer. Its complete working project code for sending and receiving sms using C#.Net. You can implement this project source code to your project and this is very much useful for college students.

Gym Management Software System

The Gym Management Software System is user-friendly software for Health club or Fitness club which stores data about members, instructors, equipments, Membership fees, receipts of members etc. The main objective of the project is to design and develop a user friendly system. This system is proposed to be an automate database management and transactions. This system automates most of the tedious daily tasks for managers and employees.
Gym Management Software System

Staff Management System

The main purpose of Staff Management System is to reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of Employees. And also generates the various reports for analysis. The purpose of Staff Management is to perform monthly salary generation, Attendance, leave sanctions of the employees and to perform search regarding various categories within less time. It reduces the human effort by making everything computerized. Here we published Staff Management System Synopsis and source code.

Student Management System

Student Management System , this project is developed using C#.Net and Microsoft Access Driver. In this project user can add and view student records. Student Management System is a software application tomanage an educational facility of teachers and students.
Front End : C#. NET 2005
Back End : Microsoft Access Driver 2003

Payroll Management System

Payroll Management System is an important activity in any organization.
Payroll software has been specially designed for automating payroll system.
With Payroll Management System, it is possible to maximize the potential of payroll through timely and accurate salary processing, Attendance, etc.
Payroll Management System developed using VB.NET and Microsoft Access Driver.

Mini .Net Projects

Mini .Net™ Projects

Free Mini DotNet Projects (With Source Code)

Project Title
Job & Recruitment Site
Course Registration
E-Commerce Shopping Site
Course Registration
Company Employee Info Management
Course Registration
College Management
Course Registration
Online Classified Advertising
Course Registration
Inventory Tracking System
Course Registration
Course Registration
Magic Ball
Course Registration
Payroll System
Course Registration
Course Registration
Hotel Management System
Course Registration
Human Resources Management
Course Registration
Mobile Shop
Course Registration
Patient Information System
Course Registration
Library management
Course Registration

ASP .NET Mini projects download

Students3k provides full ASP .NET mini projects with original source code. Anyone can download it for a free of cost. Download ASP .NET projects.

Payroll system in ASP .NET

This payroll system was created using ASP .NET code. This can be used as a Mini project or MCA final year projects and diploma projects. Engineering students also use this as their final year projects. Its a free downloadable project. Make use of it. Project title : Payroll System Front End Back End : [...]

[ASP .NET Projects] Digital document management System

MCA project Digital document management System is used to manage the documents. It’s a ASP .NET project with source code download. Projects abstract also included in the Download file. Engineering and diploma students can use this as their final year project. ASP .NET Project Description : In a period where having a web page of [...]

E-Blogs – Blogspot like project Using ASP .NET

E-Blogs is a Blogspot like final year project using ASP .NET with C#. Full source code is available to download. MCA, Diploma, Engineering students can use this project as their final year Project. E-Blogs stands for Electronic blogs. This is a Blogspot website that allows users to read and post their blogs. Only registered users [...]

[ASP .NET Mini project] Web college Source code

This mini project is fully for our students3k users. You can obtain this for absolutely no cost. You can obtain this mini project with source code and make use of it. MINI PROJECT DETAILS: Project Title: Web College using ASP.NET Project platform: ASP.NET 2.0 USEFUL LINK : More Mini Projects Mini Project Description: web college [...]

Expert system Data Entry using ASP.NET [mini project]

Students3k provides original source code for Expert system – Data Entry mini project. Share about students3k project’s in Facebook, twitter and Google+. PROJECT DETAILS: Project Title: Expert system Data Entry Project Compatibility: ASP.NET 2.0 USEFUL LINK : Verbal Ability Questions PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This project reveals expert details information access using ASP.NET. Many of us face [...]

Projects on ASP.Net

Projects on ASP.Net Add to Facebook 

Hospital Management System in ASP.Net (Computer Project)

The aim of this .NET Application is to develop an ASP.NET 3.5 Web Application using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Crystal Report.

CTG Carbon Calculator in ASP.Net (Computer Project)

A carbon dioxide emission calculator for buildings created by the U.S.-based company CTG Energetics, Inc. and based on a Excel file has been converted to a ASP.NET / SQL Server web application. Carbon dioxide emissions are calculated using

Matrimonial Web Application in ASP.Net (Computer Project)

The main objective of Matrimonial Web Application is to provide Grooms and Brides with excellent matchmaking experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true potential partner. Keeping

Online Auction in ASP.Net and VB.Net (Computer Project)

“U Auction” is an online auction web site aimed at taking the auction to the finger tips of aspiring bidders there by opening up the doors of

SMS based Remote Server Monitoring System For Corporate Data Centers (Computer Project)

Problem Statement For Organizations with huge data centers having a lot of servers hosting numerous applications, it is always a major problem to

Online Cinema Ticket Booking System in ASP.Net (Computer Project)

This cinema ticket booking is a faster, cleaner and a tad more personal website, specially designed to make

Exam Scheduler in .Net (Computer Project)

This project develops a software for “Merit Scholar” which conducts Certification exam for application developers. The Exams are conducted at various cities at different centers on different dates at particular time. Only

Ad Agency System in ASP.Net and C# (Computer Project)

This is a small project for an advertising agency in ASP.Net and C#. The main features of this system are:

Performance evaluation of J2EE & .NET Web Services interacting with a .NET Client (Computer Project)

The objective of this project is to build an e-commerce website using ASP.NET as well as J2EE technologies. Visual Studio 2005 provides a great IDE to build seamless front end layer for the websites with minimum effort. Hence, it is … Read more »

Classifieds Website like Sulekha using and (Computer Project)

The main aim of the project is to develop a user friendly application which giving information of various fields. Here the user can search what type of information he wants. He can search the data and directly get the data. … Read more »

Civil Registry in C#.Net with ASP.Net (Computer Project)

Civil Registry is the online system or agency to help the Indian citizens to apply for their government records like passport, driving license, voter’s ID card, PAN card etc… and register certificates for birth, death, marriage etc. The primary objective … Read more »

Cooking Recipe Portal in ASP.NET 2.0 C# (Computer Project)

Cooking Recipe Portal is developed on ASP.NET 2.0 C# N-Tier application and SQL 2005 Database with stored procedure to contain and display recipes in a wide variety of


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